About h2glenfern

Set up in 2004, h2glenfern has become one of the leading advisers to businesses across Europe. Our goal is to ensure we help our clients to optimise value for all stakeholders. We are a team of experienced professionals from across the global equity capital markets with expertise in research, sales, asset management, corporate finance, trading and technology.

It has become apparent that one of the impacts of the structural changes in equity capital markets for listed businesses is that they are constraining the traditional corporate interface with the investment community. Increasingly we see companies recognising that they need to take a more direct and proactive approach to their market and investor interfaces.

We have designed our service offerings to help our clients strengthen their engagement with stakeholders. Through comprehensive evaluation analysis and insightful perception studies, our clients improve their understanding of how current shareholders are positioned and develop a deeper understanding of how investors are valuing their equity. By ensuring effective messaging and communications, our clients facilitate a clearer understanding of their investment proposition and build stronger investor relationships that ultimately improve outcomes. When combined with a comprehensive ESG assessment, this creates a powerful and compelling offering. That time and again helps improve the overall understanding of a company’s values, strategy, objectives as well as their underlying equity story.

It is a similar story for unlisted companies where we help them articulate their business strategy and value proposition to a variety of audiences. We work with management teams to identify and evaluate the strength of their equity story and to improve the effectiveness of their communications to interested stakeholders. Often engaged during an exit process, we have an excellent track record of helping companies achieve successful outcomes.

Our clients range from large multinational corporates to privately owned ‘family’ companies. Our approach means that the important factor is not the size of the business but the advice we give. Our goal is to create outcomes that deliver value for all stakeholders.

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