Private Equity

Early Stage Engagement

In many cases, once a sponsor has acquired a company and the strategy and the five-year plan are agreed, there is a need to communicate the goals and business objectives to multiple stakeholders often in varying forms and to different levels of detail.

Working with both the sponsors and the investee companies, we distil the plan down to the key messages. We also help develop the supporting presentation material often using third party data to validate the relevance of particular agreed objectives.

Through effective early-stage communication and messaging a management team can set relevant objectives that validate not only the longer-term strategic plan but also provide meaningful evidence to potential future investors on the progress the company is making.

Preparing for Exit

When the sponsor decides to exit, the company must be well prepared before meeting external audiences. The goal is to ensure that the investment proposition and equity story is clear, current and compelling.

We help our clients accomplish this by identifying the key messages and providing the relevant materials to ensure the management team is effective in articulating the equity story to all potential audiences, including advisors and prospective investors.

Having a well-prepared and convincing management team delivering their investment proposition in a coherent and consistent manner helps to reduce duplication of effort and builds confidence.

Point of Exit

At the critical point of exit, confident delivery of a strong equity story helps facilitate a smooth sales process be that to a PE sponsor, trade buyer or an IPO. Working alongside the current sponsor and M&A adviser, we help companies achieve this by identifying and honing the precise messages that reflect the attributes of the business and articulating them clearly and concisely, fully supported by the facts.

With extensive experience of private transactions, we are able to test the resolve and confidence in the investment proposition and ensure effective and high-quality delivery in both written and verbal form.

By improving the impact and outcomes of the investor meetings, a company can optimise its value in a sale process by leaving the audience with a clear understanding of the investment proposition and a simple task of deciding if the investment is a strategic fit and the price they are willing to pay.

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